Winter 2021



Authentically you

What This Is Not
By Mary Oliver

This is not just surprise and pleasure.
This is not just beauty sometimes
too hot to touch.
This is not a blessing with a beginning
and an end.
This is not just a wild summer.
This is not conditional.

For Fall ‘21, Poémia was inspired by love that is deep, unconditional and simple. Yearning for the bucolic outdoors after so many days inside, we were inspired by the romantic imagery of Jane Eyre rushing through the fields towards Rochester. Poémia has used their signature diaphanous organic cotton voile, sheer and mysterious, and manipulated it with gathering, pleats and tucks to create soft volume and a feminine silhouette. The full skirts are delicately pintucked and shaped in a way that defines the waist and creates a shy drama with movement.

Vintage handwork linens and Victorian undergarments serve as embroidery inspiration. The sheer organic cotton fabric is scattered with delicate whitework embroidery and cut eyelets. Streamlined shapes are cut in softly lustrous sandwashed cupro fabric and adorned with handmade thread tassels, for charm and inviting movement.

Romance embodied, a Poémia gown will be as enduring as your love, and can easily transition into your new life.

Follow along with our blog to see ways to transform your gown after your wedding, or purchase our “Ever After” package and we will do it for you.