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We’re so happy for you! Hoping your wedding day was filled with beautiful memories.

The Ever After package is a beautiful way to preserve those memories in a way that Is sustainable, cuts down on one time wear and as a bonus you end up with a dress that you love.

How about wearing your ever after dress on your 1st anniversary?

how it works

After your wedding day, contact us so that we can arrange our ever after package for you.

We will send you a shipping label, so that you can mail your dress back to us. The dress will be hemmed by our sewers based in nyc, and then the dress will be sent to be garment dyed with ourpartner supplier in pennsylvania. They will garment dye your dress in your choice of color.

The options are:

• natural indigo
• bundle dye multi (onion skins & rose madder)
• rose madder

This is a completely custom process, and natural dyeing is more of a craft than a science. We like to liken it to making wine. Every vintage is slightly different, as the grapes are different each year due to temperatures, sunshine and rain.In the same regard, natural dye products should be thought of as sisters, not twins. We can not guarantee your dress will look exactly like our sample, but it will be similar.

Due to the custom nature of the process, the turnaround time is expected to be around 90 days.


Natural dyeing is an artisan process, and not every garment will come out exactly the same.

garment dye

Colorway Options


Not at all! You can dye any of the gowns in the color of your choice.

We currently offer 3 options:
Indigo, bundle dye or rose madder. We will add other color options in the future.

We suggest the dresses be hemmed as the photos. But if you are below 5’4” and you have something else in mind, email us so that we can set up a video call with you.

We can make some specific suggestions.

At this point in time, we are only hemming dresses that will be overdyed. Our team is small and we don’t have the ability to handle custom tailoring.

Of course! If you love to D.I.Y. And are a confident crafter, please feel free to be creative.

Our thread may not absorb the dye in the same way as the fabric. So please note that if you dye the garment a dark color, you may have lighter colored stitching peeking through.

Some of our favorite natural dye books are:
Botanical colour at your fingertips by rebecca desnos
Botanical inks: plant-to-print dyes, techniques and projects by babs behan

Natural dyeing is an artisan process, and not every garment will come out exactly the same.
Here is an example of dresses that are sisters, not twins.

A. Both garments were bundle dyed with onions skins and rose madder. But the dress on the left
Absorbed a bit more dye. They are both gorgeous In their own right! This is the beauty of handmade product, every piece is completely unique and individual.

B. Another example.
Both dresses were hand dipped
In natural indigo. But the dress
on the right came out a bit darker. Also, indigo is a very unique process, and can crock a bit. Make sure to not sit on light colored furniture, just like when wearing dark indigo rinse jeans.

We expect the process to take around 90 days.

Yes! We had some demand for pre-dyed dresses, so we have a small run available for sale on our
website. We think it’s perfect for events, brunch or anything you can think of. But we also think its perfect for bridesmaids.

We suggest storing the dress in a dark place such as inside a closest to protect the color fastness of the dye. You can dry clean at a green dry cleaner or hand-wash with color-safe laundry soap and hang to dry. Do not put in the dryer, but it is ok to give it a steam or warm

We will provide the service up to 2 years after your purchase of the dress!

For our brides that purchased a Poémia gown, the service is free of charge!


A complimentary service for all Poémia brides

Wedding day

Ever After

let's get started

Download the questionnaire packet, and email it back to us!

We will email you a shipping label, and you’re done! We will alert you once the dress is ready to ship.

Still have more questions?
You can send us an email at hello@poemianyc.com or arrange a video call!