Top Tips to Have a Sustainable Wedding in 2023

Top Tips to Have a Sustainable Wedding in 2023

The best trend we've seen to come out of the wedding boom is one we at Poémia hope will last – designing an eco-conscious wedding. As creators of organic wedding dresses, we've seen firsthand how much waste is produced by the wedding industry – from mountains of disposable decor to pounds of unwanted fabric scraps. But if you're wondering how to have a sustainable wedding, there are tons of ways to make your day more earth-friendly without sacrificing style or breaking the bank.

First of All: What is a Sustainable Wedding?

A sustainable wedding is an event that considers the environmental impact of the celebration. Modern couples are choosing to be more conscious of the resources they use and the waste they produce, opting for sustainable practices whenever possible. This can mean anything from using recycled materials to creating zero waste or even offsetting emissions from travel. Sustainable weddings are about being mindful of the environment and finding ways to celebrate your love without harming the planet.

Why Should You Consider Having an Environmentally Conscious Wedding?

The wedding industry is responsible for a staggering amount of waste each year. Experts estimate that the average wedding produces 400lbs of garbage and 63 tons of CO2. This is primarily due to the fact that most celebrations are designed with disposable decor, from single-use tablecloths to paper invitations. Not to mention, the average wedding dress is only worn once and then often sits in a closet for decades, never to be worn again.

Eco-Friendly Event Tip #1: Choose a Sustainable Wedding Dress

When it comes to your wedding dress, choose something that you'll love not only on your big day, but for years to come. A sustainable wedding dress is an excellent choice for the eco-conscious bride. Poémia creates beautiful organic wedding dresses that are ethically made and designed to be worn again and again. Our gowns are made from luxurious organic fabrics that are gentle on the earth and your skin.

How You Can Re-Wear Your Bridal Gown After the Big Day

We're proud to practice upcycling for our gorgeous gowns to help couples lessen their carbon footprint.

The "Ever After" dress conversion package allows you to convert your wedding dress by dyeing and hemming your gown. This way, you can wear your gown again for anniversaries, vow renewals, or other special occasions. With all-natural dyes,  you can be sure your dress will stay beautiful for years to come.

Sustainable Wedding Ideas #2: Choose Local, In-Season Florals

If you're looking for sustainable wedding ideas, choosing local, in-season florals from florists like The Parcel Flower Co. is a great place to start. Ditch the out-of-season flowers that have been shipped in from other states or countries and opt for blooms that are grown close to home. Not only will this save on emissions from transportation, but it will also support your local farmers. In-season flowers also tend to be more affordable so that you can save money and the environment at the same time! Plus, there are options for recycling wedding florals, like the Garbage Goddess.

Environmentally Conscious Wedding Advice #3: Rent Reusable Items

When it comes to wedding decor, rental companies are your best friend. You can find everything from tablecloths to glassware to furniture for rent, which means you don't have to buy disposable items that will only be used once. This is a great way to save money and reduce waste. Plus, you won't have to worry about what to do with all your decor after the wedding is over.

Sustainable Wedding Tips #4: Offset Your Emissions

If you or your guests will be traveling to your wedding, you can offset your emissions by arranging carpools or shuttles. You can also offset your emissions by having guests make donations in place of gifts, or discuss options for floral foam alternatives with your florist. Some planners like Greater Good Events even design with sustainability in mind. These are just a few of the many ways you can make your wedding more sustainable.

How to Have a Sustainable Wedding in 2023

By following these wedding planning ideas, you can have an eco-friendly wedding that is both beautiful and responsible. At Poémia, we are committed to helping couples have the eco-friendly wedding of their dreams. With our sustainable wedding dresses, upcycled gowns, and all-natural dyes, you can be sure your wedding will be gentle on the planet.