Our Fabrics

Our Fabrics

We prioritize sourcing recycled and organic materials. Our vision is to produce beautiful garments that are of nature and can return back to nature without disruption or harm. The two core fabrics used in our AW 21 collection are organic cotton and cupro. 

Organic Cotton


We are replacing traditional synthetic materials of bridal wear with lightweight, breathable organic cotton. Not only is cotton comfortable to wear as you dance the night away, but it’s also kind to our planet in that it is fully biodegradable.

Organic cotton is cotton grown from non-genetically modified plants and without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals, like fertilizers or pesticides. There is a misconception that cotton is a thirsty crop and a drain on water usage. In reality, the plants become thirsty when treated with harsh chemicals that disrupt the natural life cycle of the plant. Organic cotton actually uses less water than rice, maize, soybean, and other vegetable crops.1 In turn, growing organic cotton can reduce water consumption by 91%. 2

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Organic Cotton Sustainable Wedding Dresses


What even is cupro?  Cupro is a silk like material made from cotton linters, which is the tiny fibers that are left behind during the ginning process after the longer cotton fibers have been removed. Without the production of cupro, these linters would not typically be used. Cupro sounds like it’s a new, innovative fabric, but this material has actually been around since the early 1900’s. By utilizing more of the waste of a cotton plant, cupro, has gained more recognition in recent years due to its versatility and eco-friendly properties.

Our cupro comes from Japan and is certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard), certified as an eco product by Ecomark, and certified biodegradable. Slip into this luxurious fabric with none of the guilt.

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Our commitment to sourcing better materials doesn’t just stop at our garments. We are aware of the impact packaging has on our environment and prioritize sourcing recycled and certified materials. Our hangtags are FSC certified which means the products are sourced from forests that are managed responsibly by providing  environmental, social and economic benefits. Both the shipping boxes and kraft paper mailers we use to ship our products to you are made from recycled paper that is naturally biodegradable. 


We are dedicated to continually learning and improving our products to better protect the planet and people on it.


2 Grey water footprint