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Sustainable Wedding Dresses To Wear Over and Over Again

Introducing the Poemia "Ever After" Conversion Package. We are committed to bringing our community the most beautiful and flattering sustainable and ethical wedding dresses. With our new and innovative Ever After package, you can convert your wedding dress with a simple hem and natural garment dye to transform your dress into something that will transition into your life well beyond the wedding day.

Our dresses are thoughtfully designed and constructed to be comfortable and naturally flattering for your big day without the need for extensive tailoring since there is no boning or scratchy tulles, which make them easy to convert into a beautiful dress you can wear for any occasion going forward! 

You can wear your Poémia sustainable wedding dress after its conversion to a birthday party, a weekend away, or every day! We think your beautiful and flattering Poémia dress deserves to have its life be longer and more meaningful, and to compound the memories that are assigned to its existence. Similar to the way a certain scent can take you back to a very specific moment, this dress can remind you of the beautiful moments you have experienced every time you wear it.

    Our Garment Dye Process

    The natural, botanical dye process may result in slight color variations, which is the result of our small-batch, hand-dyed process and is completely normal.

    Artisans in Lancaster, PA hand-dye our garments, and our process of dyeing protects the environment by using plant-based, organic materials to reduce toxic run-off and water pollution. Our deliberate and small batch process also translates to a distinctly special garment that is truly unique. Dyeing clothing can often be toxic and destructive to the environment, which is why we took specific care and effort to provide a natural dye with sustainable and natural dyes that care for our environment. Initial colorway offerings are Indigo, Rose Blush, and Multi-Color Floral.

    • Indigo Blue is a deep true blue color, made from the powder of leaves of the Indigo plant
    • Rose Madder produces hues of pink and is extracted from the root of Rubia tinctorum, historically originating from India 
    • Multi-dye Bundle uses onion skins and rose madder to create a colorful combination of yellows, moss, and bronze

    Hemming Services

    • Choose from Mini length, Knee length, or Midi length based on your height
    • Have any questions or concerns about the hem cut measurements? Check out our measurement reference. 
    • Still have questions? Contact us We would love to connect with you.

    How to Order "Ever After" 


    Once you’re ready to have your Poémia wedding dress converted, just reach out to us and we’ll send you a shipping label to return the dress to us. Once we receive the dress, you can expect to have your dress back within 6-8 weeks.

    Contact Us

    We would love to create a special and unique batch of sustainable dress conversions for groups, and since dye lots are naturally different, if you let us know your batch order, we will make sure they are all in the same dye lot for consistency of color and outcome. Email with the number of dresses you want to convert and the colorway desired.